Ms. Marvel: A series retrospective

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While the most recent Ms. Marvel series was cancelled months ago, I found myself thinking back on it recently as Marvel celebrates the Women of Marvel this year (and in particular this month). I paid this book a fair bit of attention over the four years of its publication (much to Angie’s dismay) and I felt compelled to record my feelings on it before they were lost to me.

This should be Marvel’s marquee female character. The title is one of the longest running Marvel series with a female lead.

I can sum up the fifty issue run in one word: disappointing.

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Women of Marvel Frame Variants

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Last August, Marvel celebrated its 70th Anniversary by combining their publication history as Timely, Atlas and Marvel Comics which dates back to 1939. As part of the celebration, the publisher returned to a fondly remembered variant cover gimmick they used during their 25th Anniversary (almost 25 years ago): every book with a matching cover featuring a character from the title framed by a collection of their fellow Marvel creations. While I have my own feelings on how these new variations on the theme match up, I have to admit I really like the idea. With 2010 being a celebration of the Women of Marvel, the frame covers have returned this month.

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Final Marvel 70th Anniversary images

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As 2009 speeds to its conclusion, the final Marvel’s 70th Anniversary variant covers have been revealed.  These are part of a set of monthly covers we’ve posted about previously in January and June.  While they’ve been difficult to find, I still think these are amazing images that Marvel should have made more readily available.

09_Ms_Marvel_45_70th 10_Amazing_Spider_Man_608_70th11_Invincible_Iron_Man_20_70th12_Incredible_Hulk_605_70th