Ms. Marvel: A series retrospective

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While the most recent Ms. Marvel series was cancelled months ago, I found myself thinking back on it recently as Marvel celebrates the Women of Marvel this year (and in particular this month). I paid this book a fair bit of attention over the four years of its publication (much to Angie’s dismay) and I felt compelled to record my feelings on it before they were lost to me.

This should be Marvel’s marquee female character. The title is one of the longest running Marvel series with a female lead.

I can sum up the fifty issue run in one word: disappointing.

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REVIEW: Brightest Day #8

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DC Comics’ Brightest Day #8 landed in stores last week and the initial reaction: “nothing special.” Still some things happened centering mainly on Hawkman and Hawkgirl with some Martian stuff thrown in.

PTB: I like the inks and colors on the cover. It’s a different style from the previous issues (and David Finch‘s usual stuff), but it works. Hawkgirl was indeed unleashed in the issue.

KevinMLD: The cover is fine, but I thought you might be interested in the variants DC has been running for Brightest Day lately.

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Women of Marvel Djurdjevic variants

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Marvel Comics is celebrating the women of their publishing line this year with a series of Women of Marvel promotions. In a similar manner to their 70th anniversary celebration in 2009, Marvel is releasing a year long series of variant covers on selected titles. Last year’s cover variants were created by one of their top artists, Marko Djurdjevic (check them out here). The 2010 Women of Marvel covers are being provided by Marko’s wife Jelena Kevic Djurdjevic. While these images are equally stunning, they do not appear to be shipping on the same schedule as last years books. Many are covers for limited series rather than regular titles and this may be interfering with them being released monthly. Regardless, the real shame is that these books aren’t really showing up on the shelves for people to enjoy.

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C is for Cookie, and so many other things

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Last week after the season premiere of Weeds, Showtime premiered its newest Series The Big C. Since I am a sucker for most premium channel series, I of course had to give it a chance.

Use your imagination. The Big C could have so many meanings. The main character Cathy, played by Laura Linney, has cancer. Two “C’s” right there! With this new experience in her life, she seems to have transformed from a once uptight wife and teacher, to a woman who just doesn’t care about anything anymore. You can come up with your own “C” for that one.

I like Laura Linney, and I like any show that talks about someone having to be fat and jolly, not fat and miserable. Justifying the term “skinny bitch” made me laugh. Showtime made the first episode available on their website, so you have a chance to watch it before the second episode airs tonight at 10:30pm ET/PT.


REVIEW: Doctor Who – The Big Bang

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My review of this year’s season finale is coming very late, mostly because I was so blown away by it. The previous episode brought together so much of the season and left the universe in dire peril. It turns out, it was even worse than that, but The Doctor managed to save the day. Things will be spoiled should you decide to read on.

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