Quick, while the Flyers are still relevant

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Alright, NHL…I try not to be so critical of you but more often than not, I just don’t get you. I never understood ties, I still don’t understand why you use points rather than wins and losses, and I don’t know why you’re letting your championship series be split between broadcast TV and basic cable.

I know it was tough to get a TV contract for your product, and Versus came through for you. It’s an NBC network, so I get that they’d have the option to broadcast your games on the parent network. Why air games 1 and 2 on NBC and then 3 and 4 switch to Versus? This is not right for your fans, even the casual ones that really just want to see the finals.

The ratings were actually pretty high for game 1, but the series could end in one of the Versus games (obviously, I don’t want this to happen as a Flyers fan). I can’t believe that doesn’t cut into your viewership, and ultimately hurt your league.


Sunday Funday

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Angie looked like she was having a lot of fun the other day, so I couldn’t really resist joining in. Of course, I had to bake a batch of Boba Fetts first since the first ones were “gone.”


REVIEW: 20 season endings in 1000 words

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As the month of May comes to an end, so do the seasons for a slew of shows that Angie and I spend our time watching. I thought this would be a quick wrap up, but clearly, we watch too much TV. The chart at the right is included for simple reference. It’s good that the season is ending, we need a break…

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Fun Food

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  Enjoy your time off!  Before you go though, I have one quick thing to show you!  How awesome are these Star Wars Cookies?

There is a set of four at Williams Sonoma (the fourth is Boba Fett).  They also have all sorts of decorating supplies, but I wasn’t brave enough to decorate them myself.  And I ate them all before I had a chance to have help.  These cookies aren’t just for eating.  They are clearly for playing with too!  Oh!  And they have pancake molds, but I have never had much luck with my Halloween pancake molds, so I will stick with cookies.


REVIEW: X-Men Second Coming ø9

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X-Men: Second Coming Chapter ø9 is available at comics shops everywhere this week. The book featured some great action and moved the crossover into the final act. More details will follow, among them will be what some would consider spoilers.

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